Sejarah Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI)

Here, we are revealing a brief history about Indonesia Stock Exchange from the beginning. First period is from 1912 until 1942, 1952 until 1977, 1977 until 1988, 1988 until 1997, 1997 until 2007 and the last periode between 2007 and now.

a. 1912 - 1942
Vereniging voor Effectenhandel build on December 14, 1912. After World War I, stock market in Surabaya, Indonesia start at January 1925 and in Semarang at August 1925. Almost company that sell their stock are from Dutch that member of Dutch East Indies Trading Agencies. The trading was close in 1942 when Japanese conquer Indonesia.

b. 1952 -1977
After Japanese left Indonesia, at September 1, 1951 Indonesian Government declare Undang-undang Darurat number 12 that become Undang-Undang Nr. 15/1952 about stock market. Finnaly, Bursa Efek Jakarta/BEJ (Jakarta Stock Exchange/JSX) launc at June 3, 1952.
JSX have purpose to facilitate government obligation that release before. Another purpose are prevent capital flight from Dutch company that traded in JSX before. The effect of conflict between Indonesia and Dutch about Irian Barat, all of Dutch company no longer trade in JSX after 1960.

c. 1977 – 1988
By Keputusan Presiden Nr. 52/1976, Badan Pembina Pasar Modal had build and become starting point new period. Presiden Soeharto acknolegde Bursa Efek Jakarta (Jakarta Stock Exchange) at August 10, 1977 and the first company that listing their share is PT Semen Cibinong at June 6, 1977. There were no much company that interest to trade their share, and until 1988 only 24 companies that listed their share.

d. 1988 – 1997
Only in three years, between 1988 – 1990 there were many company began listed their share. In the end on 1990 there were 127 companies that listed their share ant in 1996 become 238 companies. In this period, Initial Public Offering (IPO) are national event. This event caused by: request from foreign investor, regulation to increase export in Indonesia except mining and generation change from family business to profesional business.
In this periode Surabaya Stock Exchange (Surabaya Stock Exchage/SSX) build at June 16, 1989. SSX trade only obligation and after 1989 there were 340 obligation that trade in SSX. In 1995, JSX and SSX use high technology so all of transaction use automated namely Jakarta Automated Trading System (JATS)

e. 1997 – 2007
Indonesia have crisis global in 1997 and many company were collapse. Until ten years then, there are many change in JSX.

f. 2007 -
In 2007, Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange are merge become Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) or Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI).


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